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ISSN : 1225-1011(Print)
ISSN : 2288-1727(Online)
The Journal of Fisheries Business Administration Vol.55 No.2 pp.55-70

양식전복의 산지-도매시장 간 비대칭적 가격전이 및 시장지배력 분석

조경준1, 이헌동*
1국립부경대학교 일반대학원 자원환경경제학과
*국립부경대학교 수산과학대학 해양수산경영경제학부 자원환경경제학전공 교수


This study was conducted to determine the efficiency of the distribution process of the abalone industry, that is, whether there is market dominance. In addition, it was intended to find out whether there is an asymmetric price transfer phenomenon between the distribution stage of the abalone industry. The results of this study are summarized as follows. First, the asymmetric price transition effect on the abalone price between producer and wholesale market was found to be positive. It means that the distribution structure is incomplete between the producer and the wholesale market and the abalone market is operating inefficiently. Second, as a result of estimating the market power between the producer and the wholesale market, the market power coefficient between the producer and the Hanam wholesale market, and the producer and the Incheon wholesale market were 0.0618 and 0.0735. Summarizing the analysis results, the abalone market has an asymmetric price transition between producer and wholesale markets, but the market dominance coefficient is relatively low. These results suggest that the asymmetry of price transition is mainly caused by market dominance, but can also be caused by other factors such as information asymmetry. In the future, in addition to the market dominance of the abalone market, it is judged that research on factors related to the asymmetry of price transition is necessary.